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What to Look for when Choosing a Coffee Table  


Coffee tables are important furniture pieces that add functionality and glam in a room. Their primary function is as a centrepiece and the secondary function is as a serving space for snacks and drinks.  For some homeowners, a coffee table serves as a stage for artful objects. With these functions, you need to have a multipurpose coffee table. It should be of good quality, serve well and be an extension of your personality – in other words, it should have a style that depicts you!

The Location. Specifying the location is the first step in simplifying the process of choosing a coffee table. When specifying the location, imagine how it will affect or blend with the other furniture. The coffee table is always seen in a living room, but you can also place it in the patio, in a home office, a reading or study area, and anywhere you deemed it is necessary. read more

Get Those Liquid Marks Off on Your Wood Modern Furniture


The finish of wood furniture serves as its protective coating, but stains can ruin its surface. There is no need to panic, though, if you saw liquid marks, stains or blemish on your wood furniture. Removing the stains is fairly easy to regain its natural patina. Here are the steps on how to get those liquid marks or stains off your wood modern furniture.

Step 1 –Determine the damage. The stain and liquid mark color will give you a clue on the extent of damage. Liquid or steam stains and marks are normally white or light-colored. This indicates that the extent of damage is not too deep. They only permeated into the polished or waxed surface. Dark-colored stains indicate that the water has permeated into the wood itself, which needs more work. read more

How to Save on Home Refurbishment with Elegant Furniture  


Refurbishing a home is expensive, but you can cut down on cost by investing on elegant furniture instead. Some of you may react on buying elegant furniture, saying it is expensive. While it is true that it is expensive, they are cheaper than having a home renovation. Of course, this depends on the state of your home. If your home badly needs an upgrade, then do so as replacing old furniture will not make it look any better. However, if your home does not need any upgrade, but just need a little perking up, then elegant furniture will do the trick. read more