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Different Bedroom Themes for a Black and White Bedroom


The monochromatic color palette theme has never lost its appeal. It was seen in various art deco-inspired design themes to the 1960s modern trends to the 1990s minimalist themes up to this day. The interesting thing about a black and white color theme is its timeless quality.

Picking a black and white color theme for the bedroom may not look and sound interesting to many. Some think having the color black in the bedroom is morbid, while white is not a common choice because it is a high maintenance color. Combining these two neutral colors in designing a bedroom could be quite a challenge so as to make the room look luxurious and stunning instead of having a gloomy feel. This color theme offers an unlimited number of looks, depending on your choice of furniture, accessories, furnishings, as well as lighting. read more

Finding the Best Online Modern Furniture Store in Los Angeles


The e-commerce market is huge with several arrays of selections to choose from when shopping for furniture online. So, how would you know which one is the most reliable and the best? Any sensible customer will try to search the furniture store that sells unique, durable, and affordable furniture. The customer will, additionally, look for other perks like discounts, free home delivery, white glove delivery, and a long-term warranty.

Searching for an online modern furniture store in Los Angeles that sells the kind of furniture you need and that offers the services you require may not be easy. It takes a lot of patience and effort, researching among the wide list of furniture stores online before coming to a final decision. However, it proves to be more worthwhile and less time-consuming than hopping from one shop to another. read more

How to Achieve a Contemporary-Themed Living Room


The living room may not be the heart of a home, but it is the area where we unwind, relax and snooze after a busy day at work. Thus, it must be welcoming and comfortable with warm, cushy sofa, appealing décor and furnishings. Each person has their own style of decorating their home so every home has a different appeal. Some would prefer to have a rustic feel, traditional, modern or even a contemporary feel. Updating your living room for whatever theme you want requires imagination and the objective of creating a relaxing and peaceful space.Adopting a contemporary-themed interior offers you the opportunity to have an ageless look that will last for several years. Several online modern furniture stores that sell contemporary furniture can help you to achieve that contemporary-themed home. A contemporary theme is having what is new and current or taking the current styles out and giving them a variation to avoid being too fashionable. This means sticking with a seamless design, straight lines, comfy yet stylish furniture to establish a distinctive look that your family will love for the coming years.Being fashionable can be both fun and expensive. It becomes expensive if you attempt to update your living space with every new trend that is available. If you want to follow this lead, stick to buying low cost or small items to keep it stylish without ripping your pocket. Fashion passes away quickly and if you buy expensive or big items, you will have to spend more replacing the trendy pieces you have. With a contemporary-themed living room, you can have a style that will last for years and spend less when making changes.Clean, Straight Lines read more