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How to Turn a Room into a Multifunctional Bedroom


Some people are lucky to live in a big house that has plenty of rooms. They even have a spare bedroom/s for overnight guests, but this does not mean you cannot accommodate friends for the night if you do not have a guest room. You can always create a multipurpose room that you can use and for occasional guests.

Here are a few tips to having a functional room that is also inviting and relaxing.

A Sofa Bed. Sofa beds can serve as seating furniture and a bed, depending on the need. Modern sofa beds are even more functional. Some feature end tables with storage near the armrest like the Risto Modern Sectional Sofa Bed, where it has everything you or your guest would need. A sofa to sit on, a bed to sleep on, an end table to put cups or glasses and storage for other items, such as books or magazines. read more

Time to Change Your Bed to a Modern Platform Bed

opal bed

We are all familiar with beds, of course. It is that piece of furniture where we lie to get a good night‘s sleep. However, do you know that there is something revolutionary with the way beds are made today?  Let us take a look on this new bed style and implement a change in your bedroom.

To make some changes in the bedroom, you need to start with the bed first. Bed styles have gone a long way from the traditional ones to modern, contemporary and there are also the transitional bed styles. Out of these styles, furniture designers created the platform bed design that can transform your bedroom into a new retreat. read more

What Makes Contemporary Furniture Different?

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The word ‘contemporary’ is defined as “following the most recent ideas” by the Oxford Dictionary. This definition, however, does not define the real meaning of contemporary furniture.

It was after the 19th century, when contemporary furniture was created. The designs at that time were influenced by the modern artists’ group, where their idea of modern art was interpreted entirely when building furniture. This style started the simple designs of furniture compared to the complex designs of traditional furniture. The design of contemporary furniture is built in functionality and blends well with the design theme of a home. It is also known as modern contemporary furniture. read more