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How to Keep Lacquer Finish Furniture Looking New

Lacquer finish furniture makes it to look more attractive and beautiful. Although lacquer may be a durable finish, it is vulnerable to chips, scratches and wear. The proper manner of cleaning lacquer furniture will keep it looking new; but you must realize that cleaning it is not similar to the manner of cleaning other furniture finish. Following are a few tips to help you maintain the lacquer finish of your pieces.

Keep your Furniture Dry.

Lacquer finish furniture must be kept dry always. If your furniture has lacquer finish, use a protective tool. For instance, cover your lacquer finish coffee table with a table runner to protect it from spills. The cloth will stop the spills from spreading; thus the lacquer finish will not be ruined. Always wipe spills immediately. Do not over fill your vase with water and make sure that it will not sweat. Better put a rubber mat under the vase to safeguard the lacquer finish of your modern furniture. Lacquer is easily damaged with water and if you do not take heed of this warning, you will end up with lackluster furniture. Spots will also come out and these will be hard to remove if you do not act on it immediately. read more

Modern and Contemporary Furniture: The Answer to Today’s Fast-Paced and Busy Life

Furniture manufacturers give modern and contemporary furniture a different expression and interpretation depending on the period of time. Furniture pieces such as those in the 1950s and 1960s have varying styles and designs that was considered to be fashionable in that era. However, today’s generation may not appreciate these kinds of styles and designs. Thus, what is considered to be modern or contemporary furniture during the 60s or 70s is no longer in style in our present time.

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A Woman’s Living Room: Her Choice of Furniture

Women will never run out of accessories regardless if she is wearing formal or informal attire. The same goes in her choice of furniture for her living room. There is the style, color, comfort and space as well as accessories for emphasis.

Modern Furniture in a Modern-Themed Living Room

A modern-themed living room would naturally be furnished with modern furniture and fixtures. Modern furniture is defined as having angular and rounded stylish lines. Material can either be pure quality leather, bonded leather or micro fiber. Modern sofas exude modernity and simplicity in designs and styles. read more