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Arrange Modern Furniture Properly to Efficiently Use Your Home Space 


One of the reasons why we seem to have a cramped feeling at home is the wrong furniture placement. This happens because some homeowners are confused on how to make use of their space. Although arranging modern furniture does not require you to finish an interior decorating course, you need to know a few rules to make use of your home space efficiently.

Living Room

  • Allot 48 – 100 inches between modern sofas and side chairs. You can move it a little closer if your family prefers it.
  • Place the coffee table 14 – 18 inches away from the sofa if you want it in front.
  • The basic guideline in placing a TV set is that the room should be three times the size of the screen. This means that a big TV screen requires a bigger area.
  • Observe three feet of walking space to avoid bumping on anything. Make it four if you have a big family and have children.

Dining Room

  • You need to have 16 inches of space to move the dining chair back from the table. It is also important to note that the chair should be at least 20 inches deep for an average adult to sit comfortably.
  • The space in between should be 24 inches, add another 6 inches if members of your family have more gestures when eating.
  • When serving guests for a sit down meal, allot 46 inches between your dining table and wall.


  • To get out of the bed comfortably, have at least 24 inches between your wall the bed and 36 inches between the edge of the bed and the bedroom door.

You also need to take into account the following factors:

  • The design of the doors. Do they open out or in? Doors that open completely should have more space so they will not bang the ends or sides of furniture. It will also be wise to always have a door stopper.
  • The design of the rooms. Is there a room in your home that is used as a passageway to another room? The big concern here is if the room is used to go ‘through’ or go ‘to’. It is suggested to have an accessible passable passageway from one room to another if the room is used to go ‘through’.
  • Your selected theme or ambiance in the room. Do you want a more open and airy look? Or do you prefer a cozier and a more intimate appeal? Separate modern furniture for an airy look and put the furniture together for a cozier appeal.
  • The purpose of the room. If the room is intended for viewing, place the sofa opposite the TV set. If it is intended for conversations, put sofas and chairs near each other. If it is intended for reading, ensure to have a desk or a corner table and put a reading lamp on it. Choose a comfy chair or a chaise.

Extra seating chairs are recommended so you have something to offer to guests. If your space is small, rugs will do. read more

How to Harmonize Colors and Modern Furniture in your Home Design


Design will not be complete without colors. With the proper balance of colors and modern furniture, you can bring out a new dimension in your home. With colors, your home can have an energizing or a warm and inviting appeal. Colors can make a room feel the way you want it to be.

Color wheels, color boards and other options were suggested to arrive at a good color combination in designing a, but it can somehow get complicated, particularly if you do not have an interior design background. There is an answer to this, though, as you only need to know what color size applies to what aspects or décor of the room. The color size refers to the large, medium and small ones. read more

How to Save on Home Refurbishment with Elegant Furniture  


Refurbishing a home is expensive, but you can cut down on cost by investing on elegant furniture instead. Some of you may react on buying elegant furniture, saying it is expensive. While it is true that it is expensive, they are cheaper than having a home renovation. Of course, this depends on the state of your home. If your home badly needs an upgrade, then do so as replacing old furniture will not make it look any better. However, if your home does not need any upgrade, but just need a little perking up, then elegant furniture will do the trick. read more