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Tips on Choosing Living Room Colors


Deciding on a color scheme for the living room can be a big challenge. Everything must fall into place to achieve a unified appeal. By choosing the appropriate colors, it is possible to attain a satisfying and peaceful color combination.

It is important to remember that the living room is a social area regardless if it is used for interaction every evening or only for special gatherings. To pick a color palette that will make the you need to start the characteristics of the space, and then select the hues accordingly. read more

An Impressive Sofa Set Adds Charm to Your Living Room


A sofa set is a vital element in every living room. It serves two purposes, namely: 1) as seating furniture where you can sit, sprawl, lie down and relax; and 2) as décor, adding charm and elegance to any living space. A living room will not be complete without a sofa set. They make your living room to have a comforting atmosphere while sipping a cup of tea or coffee while seated or lying down.

We are all aware of the first purpose on having a sofa set in the living room. However, not every homeowner knows how to use the sofa as a décor. By knowing this second purpose, you will be able to put the pieces together to enhance the beauty of your living room. read more

The Top 5 Secret Tips on Keeping Leather Sofa in Good Condition


Leather sofas are very popular in homes and even in offices and hotel lobbies. The design style and the luxuriousness of leather make it a favorite among furniture buyers. Leather sofas are also easier to mix with other types of furniture materials and can blend in any modern, contemporary and even traditional themed homes.

They can be a bit expensive, depending on the design, style and size. The important thing, though, is how to keep them looking new and make them last longer. Leather sofas would normally last for 10 – 15 years before you need to reupholster them or purchase a new one. read more