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Different Bedroom Themes for a Black and White Bedroom


The monochromatic color palette theme has never lost its appeal. It was seen in various art deco-inspired design themes to the 1960s modern trends to the 1990s minimalist themes up to this day. The interesting thing about a black and white color theme is its timeless quality.

Picking a black and white color theme for the bedroom may not look and sound interesting to many. Some think having the color black in the bedroom is morbid, while white is not a common choice because it is a high maintenance color. Combining these two neutral colors in designing a bedroom could be quite a challenge so as to make the room look luxurious and stunning instead of having a gloomy feel. This color theme offers an unlimited number of looks, depending on your choice of furniture, accessories, furnishings, as well as lighting. read more

The New Roles of Modern Accent Tables


Accent tables, also known as occasional tables are great for adding a touch of élan to any room. Coffee tables and end tables are a common sight in the living room, but what about accent tables. Where do you put them?

Following are some ideal places in your home where you can place modern accent tables for that extra function and verve.

As a Cocktail Table

Set up a coffee or a home bar. Use an accent table as your cocktail table. Place a coffee machine, cups, mugs, creamer, and sugar. Have a few wine glasses, too. Use the storage to store bottles of wine, liquor, stocks of ground coffee, teas, syrups, cinnamon, cookies or biscuits. Stock up on saucers and table napkins, too. Make sure cups, mugs and glasses are always clean and organized.As an Office Desk for a Small “Home Office” read more

Decorating Tips Around Modern Black Leather Furniture


Leather furniture is a popular choice among interior decorators, particular black leather. What makes it the best option is the durability of leather that can last for a long time, and is ideal for children and pets. It may be expensive, but it is worth the value of your money. But why black leather furniture? Its ability to go well with any color is the reason why black leather furniture is a preferred choice.

Choose colors that will match the modern black leather sofa. Decorating around black modern furniture requires caution to achieve what you want. This is because the sofa, like the 962 Contemporary Black Italian Leather Sectional Sofa, can be overwhelming. Thus, you need to choose the accompanying décor, furnishings and wall paint color wisely to prevent this. Have at least 2-3 base colors to accent the modern sofa and to create harmony in the room. Choose medium color tones to establish good balance and to avoid the furniture from being too overpowering. Light shades of grey would also work well with black leather sofa for a modern living room appeal. White painted walls will also make a good contrast with a black leather modern sofa. read more