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Setting Up the Dining Table for a Buffet Party


Parties are a common thing to celebrate. Celebrations are spent eating a palatable meal, exchange of stories with the family, relatives, and friends. A buffet party is ideal for a big crowd, but setting up a buffet party is not that easy. Here are a few suggestions to make your buffet party successful.

A buffet party is convenient for a big gathering, as it allows your guests to have a taste of all the food served. You need to decorate the table, of course, so it would look enticing and attractive, apart from the food selection. read more

The Best Way to Take Care of Upholstered Furniture


As mentioned in my previous post, it is essential to observe a regular cleaning schedule to take care of your upholstered modern furniture.  The best way to take care of upholstered furniture starts with the conviction of wanting them to look new, fresh and stay longer. Here are a few tips to take care of your upholstered modern furniture.

  • Vacuum cushions on a weekly basis, including beneath and sides of the cushions.
  • Rotate the cushions and fluff them once or twice a week to reduce wear and to keep them even and balanced.
  • Do not place upholstered furniture under direct sunlight to prevent fading. If you need to place a modern sofa near the window, use curtains or blinds to protect the furniture caused by exposure to the UV rays of the sun.
  • Avoid exposing upholstered furniture near extreme cold or heat. The heat will make the upholstery become brittle that can lead to early deterioration. Use slipcovers if you want upholstered modern patio furniture.
  • Read the cleaning instructions on the manufacturer’s manual or tag.  The tag code can be found under the sofa or at the lower section of the back. The tag or the manual contains the cleaning methods per manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Tag Codes

‘W’ Code – If the tag code is ‘W,’ the upholstered modern sofa needs light dusting and vacuuming. To remove spots or marks, use a water-based cleaner, such as a non-solvent upholstery shampoo or a mild detergent mixed with water. Test the mixture first by applying it on an inconspicuous area using a soft brush and create circular motions, before using it on the affected area. read more

How to Make Your Dining Room More Inviting and Clutter-Free


Although the dining room is ideally conceived to having lunch or dinner, most households also use this room for other purposes. Most families use the dining room to finish office work, as a study room where children do their homework, and for board games. The larger spaces may have a separate room for these purposes, but not for small spaces.

Using the dining room for dual or multi-purposes can turn it into a mess. Books, papers, documents, pens, etc. on the dining table together with cups, saucers, bread, coffee, tea, etc.  It becomes a whole mess that needs to be tidied when it is time to serve food. Most of the times, the books, papers, etc. are put on one side (if the table is large enough), or placed on top of a chair. This leaves a cluttered dining room that having surprise guests can make one crazy as to where to hide all the mess. read more