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How to Decorate Your Living Room with a Modern Blue Fabric Sofa


A living room cannot do without a sofa. Sofas provide a statement in any living room, sitting room, den or patio. Most people play safe by choosing safe colored sofas, such as brown, beige, dark brown or black. Rarely would you find a home with blue sofas. A modern blue fabric sofa is definitely arresting. Decorating your room around it can be a big challenge because it is an unusual color, but you can still find accessories that will complement its blue color. The secret is to select accessories that will make your blue fabric sofa prominent while at the same time keeping harmony and grace in the room. read more

How to Save on Home Refurbishment with Elegant Furniture  


Refurbishing a home is expensive, but you can cut down on cost by investing on elegant furniture instead. Some of you may react on buying elegant furniture, saying it is expensive. While it is true that it is expensive, they are cheaper than having a home renovation. Of course, this depends on the state of your home. If your home badly needs an upgrade, then do so as replacing old furniture will not make it look any better. However, if your home does not need any upgrade, but just need a little perking up, then elegant furniture will do the trick. read more

The Top Reasons Why a Coffee Table is a Necessity in Every Living Room


Stylelist Home published an interesting article listing the 7 items that are disappearing slowly from our homes. One of the items mentioned is the coffee table. Can you do without a coffee table? Without a coffee table, where would you put your hot cup of coffee or tea? Or even your cold drink? If you have invited friends for a chat or to watch a movie together, where would you serve the snacks? Where would you put the remote? Or will you continue on holding on to it? Although you can put the remote on the sofa or on the floor or carpet, this is dangerous because you might sit or step on it. read more