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Keeping Your Leather Sofa Clean

Among all other materials used in making sofas, leather is the most durable and long-lasting. However, though this is the case, you still have to take care of your furniture like the leather sofas no matter what. If you neglect it and do not give the proper maintenance it needs, it will eventually wear out. A lot of agents can make your leather sofa old and worn out. Every day use, heat, and dirt are just some of these factors. Excessive sunlight is the main enemy of leather as this will hasten its deterioration. You need to be caring of your sofa if you want it to last longer. You need to learn how to clean and preserve it for longer use. read more

Five Saving Graces for a Clean and Fresh Living Room

We use our living room for a variety of reasons. This is where we entertain our guests and hold some small get-togethers. This is where we relax and spend quality time with the family. For these very reasons, we want our living room to be at its best — always neat and tidy. We do not want little creatures suddenly appearing in our living room furniture just because we left them unclean. We also do not want them to smell and look dirty because of their everyday involvement in our lives. As much as we want to enjoy our living room, we have to keep them in good shape and looks, too and the secret lies behind good cleaning techniques. read more

How to Appropriately Install Lights in your Living Room

To complete the ambiance that you wanted in your living room, you need to carefully plan on how to appropriately install lights. The light will enliven your living room and thus will get anybody’s attention. So how do you do this? Do you need to hire an interior designer for this job?

Well, you can hire an interior designer, of course, provided your budget will allow it. But if you cannot, then you need to do it yourself. Here are simple steps which you can adapt to properly mount your living room lights. read more