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Make Your Home a Model Home Using Modern Furniture


Most of us have been in an open house, where model homes are displayed. It is pretty obvious that these homes were clearly thought of, having a well-planned floor plan and design. This in spite of their restricted size. Attending open house invitations always leave a mark in the minds and hearts of viewers. Also, it makes one wonder how a small house can be as cozy, stylish and grand! And finally, the question of how to turn your home into a model home. One of the appalling things in viewing model homes is how modern furniture was incorporated beautifully with the whole concept for a striking look. read more

Tips when Buying a Comfortable Modern Recliner Chair


A recliner chair is just what you need after a long busy day. Think how it feels to sit on it with your back relaxed in a semi-lying down position and your feet raised up. That is exactly what each of us would love to do after a tiring day regardless of what job we have. When buying a recliner, you need to take into account the design, features, and materials in relation to your lifestyle and budget. This is why the design, style, and features of modern sofas are great because some models feature 1 or 2 recliners. read more

The New Roles of Modern Accent Tables


Accent tables, also known as occasional tables are great for adding a touch of élan to any room. Coffee tables and end tables are a common sight in the living room, but what about accent tables. Where do you put them?

Following are some ideal places in your home where you can place modern accent tables for that extra function and verve.

As a Cocktail Table

Set up a coffee or a home bar. Use an accent table as your cocktail table. Place a coffee machine, cups, mugs, creamer, and sugar. Have a few wine glasses, too. Use the storage to store bottles of wine, liquor, stocks of ground coffee, teas, syrups, cinnamon, cookies or biscuits. Stock up on saucers and table napkins, too. Make sure cups, mugs and glasses are always clean and organized.As an Office Desk for a Small “Home Office” read more