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Put a New Twist on Breakfast with Modern Bar Stools


Modern home designing has deviated from the usual by introducing a more relaxing feel. So how do you put a new twist for your breakfast? Aside from cooking a good breakfast meal with coffee or tea, having a cozy breakfast nook will make weekend mornings different and comfier. It would be a nice place where your family could spend 30 minutes enjoying good mornings, talking about things that happened for the past days, as well as plan out things for the coming days.

Cut out the routine of eating breakfast on your dining table. If you have a kitchen island, then there’s no need to set up a breakfast nook. If you don’t, a counter that is located between the living room and dining room/kitchen can serve that purpose. Another option is to have a bar table near the dining room window or build a foldable table near the window or set it up in the patio. read more

Modern Bar Stools – Crossing the Bridge from Being Plain Bar Stools


Bar stools are prominent furniture in any bar, from traditional to the most modern and from the busiest to the quietest. They offer a comfy and practical seat for anyone to enjoy a quick drink at a bar or chat with someone while watching sports on a big television screen. With the new styles incorporated in today’s lifestyle, bar stools have reached a new horizon. They are no longer seen in bars, as modern bar stools have invaded the interiors of modern homes. Here’s how you can use bar stools to add style and function to your home. read more

Building a Family Entertainment Room with Modern TV Units


It is common to find the television unit in the living room in most homes. However, you can still create your own family entertainment room or area with the modern TV units. A separate family entertainment room creates an environment for your family to be closer and build family memories. If you do not have any extra room in your home for this, you can repurpose a space in your home like in the garden or garage. Adding comfortable modern furniture and personal keepsakes will make the space conducive to gathering and spending relaxing moments with the family and friends.Design the space according to your family’s preference. read more