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Furniture for a Brown-Themed Bedroom

Having brown as your bedroom theme may seem incredulous to you; however, there are a lot of fascinating things with this color. Its dark tones can be used as an accent wall alongside its lighter shades.

Some people do not want to use brown as their bedroom theme, as for them it is a dreary color for this area. The trick lies in the colors that you will blend with it so your room will not look dowdy.

As I have mentioned above, brown can be mixed with its different
shades. The other colors that can blend well with brown are as follows: read more

Bedroom Revamp: Contemporary or Conventional?

We do love our bedrooms but sometimes we also get tired of its look. This especially happens when we leafed through home design magazines or take a look at home design websites. And that is when the thought of having a bedroom revamp comes into mind.

It does happen to anyone so do not stop yourself if that is what you want. Anyway, the reason why some are hesitant in doing this is they think that it means cashing out a big amount. But this is not so, as both your old furniture can be mixed with the contemporary ones. However, going in style with modern furniture is not at all that expensive. Take time to read the following: read more

A Man’s Choice of Bedroom Furniture

Bachelors have their own choice of furniture for their home and as you would expect, would want their personality reflected by these fixtures. If you have been to a bachelor’s pad or abode, you obviously have sensed that it exudes their masculinity. By merely going through his home’s decorations and furniture, you will already know the person’s personality even though you do not know him that well.

If a man’s home was furnished with appropriate furniture and decorations, it is a common notion for people to conclude that a woman is behind the good results. However, this has long been gone as the men of today have also put their hand when it comes to furnishing their own homes. read more