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How to Choose Bedroom Furniture

When designing your bedroom, it is a must to consider not only the color but also the furniture. All of these should blend and most of all, both should give you the ambiance that you wanted to achieve.
Choosing your bedroom furniture is a big factor in making the room conducive to resting and sleeping.

Here are some guidelines when choosing bedroom furniture.

Give importance to the color and the shade of the furniture. Color and shade are two different things. Color pertains to the basic like brown, blue, etc. while shade refers to its being dark or light. It is always suggested that the color should speak of your personality. If you are bubbly, then choose something that corresponds to that persona. Likewise, the color of your bedroom walls will dictate the furniture color. As I have said, equilibrium is necessary. Therefore, if your bedroom wall is blue, then you can choose furniture with the same color but of a different shade. However, you also must remember that bedroom furniture must have colors that suggest serenity. read more

Decorating Your Man’s Bedroom

Men are always practical and this shows even in their bedroom, which has practically the basic furniture – a bed, a TV and perhaps a cabinet.
Transforming your man’s bedroom only needs a little imagination. The only thing that you need to complete this task is to understand his personality. You can also ask him for suggestions.

I have listed a few guidelines to assist you in this task.

For furniture options, select those that are simple. Keep those that he has and just add a few; think what is essential. Your man will prefer furniture that has simple designs. However, if you want to change the whole thing, platform bed is a good choice. read more

Bedroom Revamp: Contemporary or Conventional?

We do love our bedrooms but sometimes we also get tired of its look. This especially happens when we leafed through home design magazines or take a look at home design websites. And that is when the thought of having a bedroom revamp comes into mind.

It does happen to anyone so do not stop yourself if that is what you want. Anyway, the reason why some are hesitant in doing this is they think that it means cashing out a big amount. But this is not so, as both your old furniture can be mixed with the contemporary ones. However, going in style with modern furniture is not at all that expensive. Take time to read the following: read more