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Modern Lighting – Choosing the Perfect Lampshade for Your Home


Lighting is an integral part of home decoration. With the proper lights, every room in your home will have that certain spark that will encourage the mood that you wanted it to have. Lighting can come from natural sources like sunlight to artificial modern lighting fixtures like lamps. What factors should be considered when choosing the ideal lampshade for your home interior? Do you take into consideration the type and color of lampshade that will work well with the setting?

From chandeliers, pendant lighting fixtures to table and floor lamps that will illuminate your living room or reading nook, here are simple tips to help you select the perfect lampshade to go with your home’s interior. read more

Modern Patio Furniture for that Relaxing Al-fresco Family Bonding


If there is any room in the house that mirrors the function of the living room, it is the patio. The patio, like the living room, serves as a space for entertaining friends or catching up with the family for a lazy summer weekend, late evening talk or weekend dinner or lunch. It also turns into an entertainment area where everyone gathers around to sing while someone plays the guitar or play table games. If you do not have a patio, you can still enjoy an outdoor activity by setting up your garden with modern patio furniture. read more

Make Your Home a Model Home Using Modern Furniture


Most of us have been in an open house, where model homes are displayed. It is pretty obvious that these homes were clearly thought of, having a well-planned floor plan and design. This in spite of their restricted size. Attending open house invitations always leave a mark in the minds and hearts of viewers. Also, it makes one wonder how a small house can be as cozy, stylish and grand! And finally, the question of how to turn your home into a model home. One of the appalling things in viewing model homes is how modern furniture was incorporated beautifully with the whole concept for a striking look. read more