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Modern Furniture for an Eclectic Home Style


The eclectic style deviates from the standard, covering a number of eras, harmonizing the East and West, the old and new, the impressive and modest, and the luxurious and simple. It encourages you to fill your home with furniture, décor, and furnishings that you love and exceptional items that appeal to your liking. To adopt an eclectic modern home style, you need to integrate color, modern furniture, texture, shape, and finishing.


The color can differ, but it is best to have a few neutrals to help put all the pieces together. Use browns and creams to set the palette and to avoid losing the superb design among the many shades. read more

Modern Office Furniture for a More Productive Workday


Each of us wants to be productive at work, regardless of the position. Ergonomic modern office furniture motivates a worker to be more productive and efficient, but there are other factors that affect work efficiency and productivity.

The secret of being more productive is not doing the tasks listed on your “to do” list. To be productive, one has to focus on the essential tasks and finishing it with quality. What use it is to accomplish more tasks if it ends up to be a lousy thing. While it is true that there are bad days, inefficiency at work can be avoided. Check our lists to get you more energized and active at work. read more

Modern Office Chairs that Make You Productive


Chairs are typical furniture that we see everywhere. They come in various designs, styles, colors, and materials. However, there is always a difference in their use and the purpose of the user. Office chairs, for example, are used differently. An executive chair will not be useful for an office clerk nor would it be suitable for a guest’s or client’s chair. To date, modern furniture has modified the look of office chair so it is not just an ordinary chair. Listed below are the different variations of modern office chairs and their intended purpose. read more