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Modern Furniture and Accessories to Glamorize Your Patio


Today’s modern decorating techniques emphasize on using the most of your available space. This is because most modern homes have limited spaces. Some may be lucky to have a small terrace allowing them to have a bit of outdoor feel in their small space. Designing your modern outdoor space can be a challenge but this becomes easier with the new designs and styles of modern furniture.

Decorating your patio boils down to one thing – choosing the furniture that goes with your theme or style. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when creating your modern patio setting. read more

The Best Color Schemes for Your Modern Living Room


Color is a vital element in decorating a home. It can unmake or make a living room. It influences our thoughts, moods, and how we interrelate with one another. Each color represents a feeling that can excite or dampen one’s spirits. Most of us pick our favorite color, without really realizing why we choose it. We grope for answers when asked why we pick this color as our favorite, and only then would we ask ourselves ‘why’. Oftentimes, we feel that we choose a certain color because it is nice or because we love it. But the truth of the matter is, we choose our favorite colors subconsciously because it relates to our personality.Take for instance the color red. I love the color red since I was a child, which is common among children. Some would outgrow their love for the color read while some don’t. If asked why I chose red, I’d say it reflects my personality — energetic, alive and bubbly. The same pattern applies when choosing a color scheme for your living room. Dressing up your modern living room should reflect your personality. read more

Modern Furniture for Smartly Designed Smaller Spaces


The art of making your home space useful is a big thing in decorating your home, whether it is large or small. Maximizing a small space to look larger and making a large space useful are both challenging. Let’s focus on a small space as more homes are getting limited space these days. How can we make our small space look neat and clean and yet come up with a smart design and having the modern furniture that we need?The use of functional modern furniture is a smart idea to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your small space without marring its look.Modern Sofas read more