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Useful Cleaning Tips for the Different Materials Used on Building Patio/Outdoor Furniture

Keeping furniture clean will make them to last longer. Therefore, even outdoor or patio furniture should be tidied. Since furniture is a big investment, observing good cleaning habits is necessary. Cleaning patio or outdoor furniture depends on the materials used. Here are some useful cleaning tips for the different materials used on building outdoor/patio furniture.

Wooden Patio/Outdoor Furniture. Some think that pressure wash is the ideal cleaning method for patio/outdoor furniture. While pressure wash will give furniture a deep clean, it is not advised for wood patio/outdoor furniture because this method is too strong. Use a mixture of oxygen bleach and water to clean wood patio/outdoor tables and chairs. Apply it on the wood using a soft bristle brush or fabric. Sand and reseal the wood patio furniture when they are already dry to give them extra protection against other elements.

Wicker Outdoor/Patio Furniture. Remove dust and dirt with a broom. You can also use a vacuum cleaner but make sure to use the proper brush attachments. A soft bristle dry brush is fine to get the debris completely. Make a cleaning solution by mixing a mild dishwashing liquid soap with water. Get a sponge, cloth, or a soft bristle brush and scrub the patio furniture gently. Rinse the soap out of the furniture with a little water using a sponge or clean cloth. Wring the water out completely from the sponge or cloth. Dry the patio furniture with a soft dry cloth to prevent moisture from entering into the wicker material.

Metal Patio/Outdoor Furniture. Patio furniture made of metal is easier to clean. Wash it using your garden hose ensuring that you set it on the hard-spray option. Create a cleaning solution by mixing a car wash detergent or soap with water. Scrub the tables, chairs or benches using a brush with soft bristles and wash them with lukewarm water. If they are made of chrome or aluminum metal, there is no need for you to apply a top coating. Alternatively, apply a thin coating of car wax if your modern patio furniture has an enamel finish or is made of cast iron. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to apply the wax on the furniture surface.

Vinyl and Plastic Outdoor/Patio Furniture. Pay attention when cleaning them. Use only mild detergents or soaps so as not to dry the furniture surface. A mixture of a mild dishwashing soap or detergent or soap with water is enough to clean them. As with the above cleaning tools, use a soft cloth, sponge or soft bristle brush. Remove any stains and mildew by dabbing a small amount of ammonia on the affected area.

By following proper cleaning techniques and practices, you will retain the good looks of your modern outdoor/patio furniture. This will also save you from buying a new set because they will last you longer. Regardless if the patio furniture only costs you less, you need to make them look good as new. Remember, the manner you take care of your modern furniture is a reflection of yourself, too.

Create a Good Dining Area in Your Patio via Good Choice of Furniture

Your patio will be a more engaging place for dining if it has the proper furniture for this purpose. Providing the appropriate pieces will make it to be more relaxing and ideal for a good conversation.

To make it more worthwhile, include the following modern furniture pieces in your patio.

Patio dining definitely needs Table and Chairs. Your patio size and the number of your household will determine the size and shape of the table. If you plan to use your patio for other purposes like hosting parties, then you need to have some tables and chairs that can be easily kept when not in need.

Small round or square tables are good choices to create small areas for your guests. A rectangular or oval table can serve as your serving table for a buffet type of dinner.

Positioning your patio dining table is another thing that will contribute to the success of you dinner or party. See to it that it is placed near the back door of your kitchen. This way food will be readily served and is still hot. Filling your serving plates with food is also made easier with this kind of arrangement. If you plan to have some barbecue, then put it near the table so it will be within easy reach.

A Bar Set is likewise a good set of furniture to have in the patio. Not only does it provide additional eating areas but also have storage compartments where you can store your snacks and drinks. It can also be used when serving appetizers.

Add some Café Tables in your patio to create a more amiable and sociable atmosphere. Remember those small cozy tables along sidewalk cafés? They are very intimate and these types of furniture suit a patio particularly if you only have 2 or 3 people dining with you. You can have these tables placed near your main table or gather them together in one area. Putting them in a corner is another option and have some candlelight for a romantic atmosphere.

Side Tables and Chairs offer you extra furniture pieces to seat your other guests. Place the table between two chairs making it a good setting for people to put their drinks. You can also find side tables that can hold a plate. Have some foldable chairs, as these are easy to carry and can be moved from one area to another allowing your guests to mingle with the others.

A Lounge Chair is ideal for a relaxing respite. Some lounge chairs come with a side table where you can put your drink or cuppa while you enjoy your book or listening to your kind of music.

You may also want to have a Patio Umbrella so you can still eat out under the sun or even when it is raining.

Your patio is still a part of your home so make it comfortable for you, your family and guests. Good pieces of modern furniture will make your patio a good dining area for everyone.

Tips on Buying Outdoor Furniture

Do you have a skillfully landscaped garden or a patio? Patios, veranda, porch, deck, terrace or garden – whatever you call it is a nice addition in any home. It provides you a space where you can commune with nature courtesy of your plants (non-flowering or flowering), fresh air, an entertainment area and most of all, a relaxing space that is different from the relaxing ambiance provided by your living room or bedroom. Although plants and fresh air are present, relaxation will not be complete without the appropriate modern furniture needed in this area.

When decorating your patio or garden, make it a point that it reflects the same theme as you have indoors. This will make the look of your home consistent. For instance, if you have a modern and contemporary theme inside, your patio should also have the same theme. Having a traditional-looking patio would look out of place in a modern-themed home.

Here are some tips on how to buy your outdoor furniture.

Your choice can range from those that are sophisticated and elegant to informal and simple.

Set your budget for furniture and decoration. With a set budget, it will not be difficult to pick out your choices.

Establish the type of furniture that you need and want. Your choice of modern furniture must blend with the design of your patio or the landscape of your garden. To establish a sophisticated and sleek appeal, use the colors gray or black.
Do some research on the available materials and check its durability.

Modern furniture made of teak is one of the most long-lasting kinds of woods. It can live up to 75 years making teak an excellent pick.

Oak wood for furniture is another good option. It is thick hardwood. It is perfect for outdoor use because it has tannic acid, making it resistant to insects and fungi. Furniture made of oak is a good buy as it does not need to be replaced except on cases where you want to have a new look in your room.

Rattan is another good choice. The PVC rattan does not require much maintenance and costs less. It is light in weight, too.

Western Red Cedar is another type of wood that is sturdy. It defies cracking. Its advantage over other outdoor furniture materials is it has 80% strength of oak. It also defies fungi and bacteria making it suitable for those located in areas that are humid and wet.

Styles, designs and colors. Modern furniture features fun colors such as orange and pink for a warmer and comfortable feeling. Designs vary from plain to bold mosaic to geometrical. Outdoor furniture also features more curves. The combination of the curves and colors makes the patio to look softer and relaxing.

Lastly, make a general draft of your patio layout to give you an idea of how it will look and to make decorating easier. Following the basics of patio or garden decorating will make things quicker and you get to choose the proper modern furniture that you need to have a patio that is entertaining, comfortable and relaxing.