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Different Bedroom Themes for a Black and White Bedroom


The monochromatic color palette theme has never lost its appeal. It was seen in various art deco-inspired design themes to the 1960s modern trends to the 1990s minimalist themes up to this day. The interesting thing about a black and white color theme is its timeless quality.

Picking a black and white color theme for the bedroom may not look and sound interesting to many. Some think having the color black in the bedroom is morbid, while white is not a common choice because it is a high maintenance color. Combining these two neutral colors in designing a bedroom could be quite a challenge so as to make the room look luxurious and stunning instead of having a gloomy feel. This color theme offers an unlimited number of looks, depending on your choice of furniture, accessories, furnishings, as well as lighting. read more

Modern Lighting – Choosing the Perfect Lampshade for Your Home


Lighting is an integral part of home decoration. With the proper lights, every room in your home will have that certain spark that will encourage the mood that you wanted it to have. Lighting can come from natural sources like sunlight to artificial modern lighting fixtures like lamps. What factors should be considered when choosing the ideal lampshade for your home interior? Do you take into consideration the type and color of lampshade that will work well with the setting?

From chandeliers, pendant lighting fixtures to table and floor lamps that will illuminate your living room or reading nook, here are simple tips to help you select the perfect lampshade to go with your home’s interior. read more

What Makes a Leather Modern Bed a Good Investment?


Leather is a popular material used to create several items, such as jackets, shoes, bags, belts, clothing and furniture. It is well-known for its durability, sheen, style and elegance, particularly real leather. Leather for furniture is normally used in building modern sofas, dining chairs, club chairs, chaise, and bar stools. Leather modern beds have become a welcome treat to any homeowner who does not only look to having a luxurious sleep but also style in the bedroom.

It cannot be denied that leather beds are costlier than the usual beds. So, does investing in a leather modern bed justify spending a few dollars? Let’s find out…. read more