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Play with Colors to Add Zest in Your Bedroom

What is a bedroom? A bedroom is a private room where you sleep at night and relax during the day. It is your especial place where you can be yourself without anyone staring at you. It is your especial nook where you can do all the antics you wanted to do with no one bugging you or laughing at you. Most of all, it is your shelter when you feel threatened, frightened and alone.

Having said this, don’t you think it is about time to check if your bedroom provides the atmosphere that you need? Well, aside from furniture, you can achieve this if you play with colors to add zest in your bedroom. read more

A Peek into a Man’s Bedroom

We see more single men and women living on their own for their quest of independence. Not only do they long to do freely what they want but they also want their abode to speak of themselves. But keeping their homes in the manner they want it to be will always be different.

Single women may have their knack for decorating their home especially the bedroom. This does not follow, however, with men. It is enough to have a bed where they can lie on at nighttime. Rarely would you see a man’s bedroom all dressed up. read more

How to Choose Bedroom Furniture

When designing your bedroom, it is a must to consider not only the color but also the furniture. All of these should blend and most of all, both should give you the ambiance that you wanted to achieve.
Choosing your bedroom furniture is a big factor in making the room conducive to resting and sleeping.

Here are some guidelines when choosing bedroom furniture.

Give importance to the color and the shade of the furniture. Color and shade are two different things. Color pertains to the basic like brown, blue, etc. while shade refers to its being dark or light. It is always suggested that the color should speak of your personality. If you are bubbly, then choose something that corresponds to that persona. Likewise, the color of your bedroom walls will dictate the furniture color. As I have said, equilibrium is necessary. Therefore, if your bedroom wall is blue, then you can choose furniture with the same color but of a different shade. However, you also must remember that bedroom furniture must have colors that suggest serenity. read more