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Storage Furniture for Proper Organization in the Home


Cleaning the home and organizing things to make it spic and span is a tough job. This task will not be that difficult if items were placed in their proper places. The sad thing is that we often leave items on the sofa, table, chair or on top of any furniture. That is why when things piled up, the home is a mess. Why does this happen? One of the reasons we can think of is – it becomes a habit. Another is the lack of storage. The first reason can be easily resolved. It is just a matter of discipline and wanting to make the home clean and neat. The second is looking for furniture that offers storage. read more

How to Turn a Room into a Multifunctional Bedroom


Some people are lucky to live in a big house that has plenty of rooms. They even have a spare bedroom/s for overnight guests, but this does not mean you cannot accommodate friends for the night if you do not have a guest room. You can always create a multipurpose room that you can use and for occasional guests.

Here are a few tips to having a functional room that is also inviting and relaxing.

A Sofa Bed. Sofa beds can serve as seating furniture and a bed, depending on the need. Modern sofa beds are even more functional. Some feature end tables with storage near the armrest like the Risto Modern Sectional Sofa Bed, where it has everything you or your guest would need. A sofa to sit on, a bed to sleep on, an end table to put cups or glasses and storage for other items, such as books or magazines. read more

The Different Types of Leather Used for Furniture


Leather furniture provides a feeling of affluence and quality. Even the smell and feel of a plush leather chair or sofa is enough to make a room extravagant.

The leather used in making furniture undergoes multifaceted treatment. There are different types of leather used in making furniture. Each has their own qualities, feel and used for varied purposes.

Bonded Leather is a mixture of leather scraps and fibers. It is formed into a roll using bonding materials or adhesives. The manufacturing process of bonded leather is very comparable to manufacturing paper. Once the roll is formed, it is dried using a drying equipment to diminish the moisture of the leather. Bonded leather contains only 10-17% of leather fibers. read more