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The Common Blunders when Buying a Modern Sofa


It is not unusual to find people complaining about the sofa they bought but who’s fault was it? There is no one to blame except the one who made the purchase. What usually happens is the excitement overrules the rationality of choice. Let us take a closer look on the common blunders when buying a modern sofa and how to prevent from committing them.

A too big or too small sofa

This is the most common blunder if you fail to measure your living room space, decide the exact spot where you want to place it and get the measurements of the sofa that you bought. Plainly looking at the sofa in the shop is not enough. The showroom has a big impact on its size. The size is not only that matters. You should pay attention with the scale, too. Your sofa should have the same scale as that of the other furniture in the living room. This will prevent it from looking too big or too small when combined with the other pieces. read more

Decorating Tips Around Modern Black Leather Furniture


Leather furniture is a popular choice among interior decorators, particular black leather. What makes it the best option is the durability of leather that can last for a long time, and is ideal for children and pets. It may be expensive, but it is worth the value of your money. But why black leather furniture? Its ability to go well with any color is the reason why black leather furniture is a preferred choice.

Choose colors that will match the modern black leather sofa. Decorating around black modern furniture requires caution to achieve what you want. This is because the sofa, like the 962 Contemporary Black Italian Leather Sectional Sofa, can be overwhelming. Thus, you need to choose the accompanying décor, furnishings and wall paint color wisely to prevent this. Have at least 2-3 base colors to accent the modern sofa and to create harmony in the room. Choose medium color tones to establish good balance and to avoid the furniture from being too overpowering. Light shades of grey would also work well with black leather sofa for a modern living room appeal. White painted walls will also make a good contrast with a black leather modern sofa. read more

The Best Way to Take Care of Upholstered Furniture


As mentioned in my previous post, it is essential to observe a regular cleaning schedule to take care of your upholstered modern furniture.  The best way to take care of upholstered furniture starts with the conviction of wanting them to look new, fresh and stay longer. Here are a few tips to take care of your upholstered modern furniture.

  • Vacuum cushions on a weekly basis, including beneath and sides of the cushions.
  • Rotate the cushions and fluff them once or twice a week to reduce wear and to keep them even and balanced.
  • Do not place upholstered furniture under direct sunlight to prevent fading. If you need to place a modern sofa near the window, use curtains or blinds to protect the furniture caused by exposure to the UV rays of the sun.
  • Avoid exposing upholstered furniture near extreme cold or heat. The heat will make the upholstery become brittle that can lead to early deterioration. Use slipcovers if you want upholstered modern patio furniture.
  • Read the cleaning instructions on the manufacturer’s manual or tag.  The tag code can be found under the sofa or at the lower section of the back. The tag or the manual contains the cleaning methods per manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Tag Codes

‘W’ Code – If the tag code is ‘W,’ the upholstered modern sofa needs light dusting and vacuuming. To remove spots or marks, use a water-based cleaner, such as a non-solvent upholstery shampoo or a mild detergent mixed with water. Test the mixture first by applying it on an inconspicuous area using a soft brush and create circular motions, before using it on the affected area. read more