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Five Saving Graces for a Clean and Fresh Living Room

We use our living room for a variety of reasons. This is where we entertain our guests and hold some small get-togethers. This is where we relax and spend quality time with the family. For these very reasons, we want our living room to be at its best — always neat and tidy. We do not want little creatures suddenly appearing in our living room furniture just because we left them unclean. We also do not want them to smell and look dirty because of their everyday involvement in our lives. As much as we want to enjoy our living room, we have to keep them in good shape and looks, too and the secret lies behind good cleaning techniques. read more

Furniture For Light-Colored Homes

If you are already tired of your room looking so bland and pale, then you might as well think of using other kinds of furniture to introduce some changes.

Having a light-colored room does not mean that you have a hopeless situation though. It may even be to your advantage actually as opposed to having sinister room walls. Since light colors are often associated with happy feelings, they are preferable. They also give an illusion that your room is bigger than it is. It also adds a calming and serene effect to those who reside in the place. read more