The Test of Quality for Modern Designs Furniture

Furniture is a huge market with several furniture manufacturers competing in this industry. The same applies to retailers whether online modern furniture store or physical furniture shops. It does make sense to know the furniture you are buying.

What Qualifies the Quality of Furniture

Furniture quality should always come first. Then, the manufacturer, the material used and origin. Whether you are buying modern, contemporary, or transitional furniture, make sure to check the following:

Fake or imitation furniture may look nice or almost the same as the original. They may also be cheaper, but what about the material? This is where the difference lies. Materials used for fake or imitation furniture are usually of low quality. Some may be made from plastic. There is nothing wrong with plastic, however, this material breaks easily and fades easily. Although their being lightweight can be a good point, plastic furniture can easily fall when bumped or blown, (if placed on the patio). Have you ever heard of pleather? Pleather a leather imitation made from polyurethane. Polyurethane cracks faster than real leather.

  • The Frame

The frame is the furniture’s “skeleton”. It should be sturdy, should not wobble at the slightest pressure. It should be adequately durable to last you a long time.

  • The Assembly

This pertains to how the whole piece was put together. Furniture consists of various pieces that are joined and welded. A perfect weld or joined furniture will not break if one of the pieces were hit strongly. This is a usual test performed in the factory do not every try it at home. If the pieces move around, the screws and nails were not set properly.

  • Upholstery

Upholstery adds up to the look of the furniture, as well as its comfort-ability. Check all corners and edges. Make sure they are secured and tucked in place using industrial stapling or sewing methods. If you see a fabric coming through the edges, it means that the furniture was not quality-checked before leaving the factory. You should not see any loose threads or messy stitching or staples. These should be clean and neat.

  • The Fit

Furniture manufacturers use the term tolerance when talking about “fit”. The tolerance number is the assurance that every part of the furniture fits together without being too loose or too tight. To illustrate it, imagine your sofa’s cushions are moving when seated because these are not the exact fit. If you see this on the furniture you intend to buy, it means that the manufacturer failed to double check the measurements.

  • Instructions

The furniture should come with a manual that tells you how to take care and clean depending on the materials used. This instruction manual is necessary so you know the correct cleaning materials to use and simple troubleshooting without ruining or destroying the furniture.

When a piece of furniture becomes popular, some unscrupulous businessmen try to make money out of them by imitating the design or style. However, they fall off with the materials used, the method of construction, and quality check. Since furniture is a big investment, you should be wary of these kinds of furniture builders.

Currently, the market is deluge with modern furniture, contemporary furniture, mid-century furniture, and even transitional furniture. Whatever style or design you prefer, always go for quality. The price may be high but just think of the advantages you will get when buying quality furniture.

Quality modern design furniture is created with detailed artisanship that will endure for a long time. With quality as your primary benchmark, you will absolutely have comfortable pieces that will go a long way and may even be heirloom pieces for the next generation!