The Common Blunders when Buying a Modern Sofa


It is not unusual to find people complaining about the sofa they bought but who’s fault was it? There is no one to blame except the one who made the purchase. What usually happens is the excitement overrules the rationality of choice. Let us take a closer look on the common blunders when buying a modern sofa and how to prevent from committing them.

5191-set-in-nl9305-with-piping-nl5132A too big or too small sofa

This is the most common blunder if you fail to measure your living room space, decide the exact spot where you want to place it and get the measurements of the sofa that you bought. Plainly looking at the sofa in the shop is not enough. The showroom has a big impact on its size. The size is not only that matters. You should pay attention with the scale, too. Your sofa should have the same scale as that of the other furniture in the living room. This will prevent it from looking too big or too small when combined with the other pieces.

Solution: Measure your living space and the sofa you intend to purchase.

kk-3180-gry-02-dsc_8379Failure to test the sofa

The sofa should be suitable to your height and weight. This is the same thing as that of your space. The seat should not be too deep for your height or else you’d be too uncomfortable to sit on it. Nor should it be too tall for you, especially if you have bad knees.

Solution: Always test the sofa. Sit, curl, and lie on it or whatever you would use it in the room. Buy a sofa that fits your height and weight or other features to make you more comfortable. Modern sofas are fitted with adjustable headrests and wide adjustable armrests for extra comfort while watching a show or TV. Feel the cushions and upholstery. The cushions, as well as, the back area should be firm but soft to avoid getting a sore back. Schedule a trip to check the showroom if you are shopping online.

wa-s8004-dark-greyChoosing the wrong style.

Do not grab at the first furniture that attracted you, think of the other furniture pieces, accessories, and lighting inside the room. Your new modern furniture should blend in with the present furniture, décor, and style.

Solution: Take a picture of your living room. Have this picture with you while you are shopping online from modern furniture stores.

evergreen-webChoosing the wrong upholstery.

Whether you go for leather or fabric, you need to decide which suits you best. With children around and pets inside the home, leather upholstery is ideal. Fabric upholstery, on the other hand, is better with grown-up kids and adults. Spills cannot be avoided, but knowing how to handle these can make your modern sofa last longer. The fabric should blend with your current pieces and décor, too.

Solution: Ask swatches of leather or fabric that you can bring home and compare to your other furnishings, décor, wall color, and light. Pick a color that you like and the family likes.

mb-1463-web-2A low-quality sofa.

Budget is always a concern whenever making a purchase, but quality should not be disregarded when buying a sofa. Although a good quality modern sofa may be expensive, you get the assurance that it will last for years.

Solution: Always prioritize the quality of the sofa rather than the price. Check the material, frame and the comfort factor. Sit, touch, and move to evaluate the sofa’s sturdiness.

VGMB1360These common blunders will not happen if you do a bit of work before jumping on the first sofa that caught your attention. Online modern furniture features images of sofas, including descriptions and specifications so you get to see how it looks like virtually. They always welcome customers to visit their showroom for a bigger picture of the furniture. These online stores sell modern furniture that are of good quality, style, design, and are reasonably priced.



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