The Development of Chaise Lounge


The chaise lounge is a work of art that offers a sense of self-indulgence and enchantment; thus it is not limited to being a furniture style. The chaise lounge is taken from the words “chaise longue,” an Anglicized version of the French term, which means a long chair. They are also known as “fainting couches.” At present, chaise lounge refers to any furniture type with a back rest and an armrest on one side. The armrest may wind down the chair’s backside that makes it look like a bench.


There is a notion that chaise lounges are patterned on the previous civilizations’ ordinary furniture. This is because it is akin to Egyptian furniture that is a mixture of a chair and daybed. This Egyptian furniture is made of rawhide and sticks or cord and sticks. An identical chair, known as “kline” came out in Greece a few years later that was used during meetings or get together. The Roman version of chaise lounge was not upholstered, as it is either meticulously carved from wood or cast in bronze. The Roman chaise lounge has legs and blankets, pillows and hides were used to make it comfortable. All through the centuries, the chair was altered and the designs became different from one place to another. The French re-modified the look of the chaise lounge during the 1600, making it one of the most lavish and plush furniture that any individual could have up to the present times.


A trend started in Europe with the chaise designs made by the French designers. The French chaise lounge made use of the basic form and was made more comfortable by adding upholstery.


The 16th century chaise lounges feature plush cushioning and wood accents, making them comfortable for various activities. To date, the chaise lounge continues to have a very adaptable design that can be used for relaxing to napping and even dining. It features lavish fabrics, such as satin, brocade, velvet and silk. It is used in the living rooms, bedrooms, salons and even in libraries. Some of the features found in the designs for the last two thousand years ago are sometimes renewed and mixed with modern techniques like cast metals and gold leaf applications.


The chaise lounges became very popular because of their comfort-ability and durability, making them ideal as collectible pieces. Centuries-old lounge chairs still exists up to this time, but are very expensive, particularly if they are in good shape, can be refurbished or belong to famous personalities or royalty. With their versatility and timeless design, the chaise lounge will definitely stay and will last longer in the coming centuries.


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