The New Roles of Modern Accent Tables

GC-1029Accent tables, also known as occasional tables are great for adding a touch of élan to any room. Coffee tables and end tables are a common sight in the living room, but what about accent tables. Where do you put them?

gd-1259Following are some ideal places in your home where you can place modern accent tables for that extra function and verve.

aversa-03-dsc_7861As a Cocktail Table

Set up a coffee or a home bar. Use an accent table as your cocktail table. Place a coffee machine, cups, mugs, creamer, and sugar. Have a few wine glasses, too. Use the storage to store bottles of wine, liquor, stocks of ground coffee, teas, syrups, cinnamon, cookies or biscuits. Stock up on saucers and table napkins, too. Make sure cups, mugs and glasses are always clean and organized.bismarck_05_dsc_6370_1As an Office Desk for a Small “Home Office”

You do not really need to have a “real” home office. The modern accent table can function when you need to write a few things. So have a chair to go with it. Organize your bills, grocery lists, things to do or whatever. You can have a table calendar placed on its top. Have a small in/out tray, a pen holder, a paperweight, a small sculpture, and a table lamp. Buy a small organizer to fit inside the drawer so you can store items methodically.

VGVCK8702_1The ideal place for this set up is in the dining room or kitchen. Alternatively, the best place to set up a mini home office using an accent table as your desk is in the living room. Or the attic or a guest room.

gd-1259Configure a Bigger Area with an Accent Table.

Choose small-size accent tables. Lay them out to create a larger surface or rearrange them according to your needs. Small-sized accent tables are great when you have kids as it gives you more flexibility to organizing the space so your kids have a bigger and safe space to play.

VGWCC606-1xAs a Vanity Table in Your Modern Bedroom

Get an accent table and use it as your vanity table. Or place one in your teenage daughter’s bedroom. Accent tables do not occupy a big space. Modern accent tables are versatile and built with drawers with some featuring shelving with doors to store accessories, makeup, and other items that your wardrobe cannot accommodate. Make it comfortable by adding a dainty ottoman or a comfy dining chair.

file_188_45An Accent Table as Divider

If you have an open floor design home, you can separate areas with an accent table. Use an accent table to separate your living room to your dining room. Display a vase of flowers or a pot of plant. Adding a piece of stunning sculpture would be great, too.

gd-1313A Narrow Accent Table between a Modern Sofa and the Window

This is a new design trend that dresses up the back of a sofa. Place an accent table against the wall at the back of a big modern sofa. Place photos, trophies, or any souvenir items on top. Decorative candles, a piece of sculpture and a table lamp placed on the surface are great décors to complement your accent table. This design trend prevents the sofa from looking restricted against the wall.

kingsley-consoleAccent tables may be a familiar structure in hallways but the above tips showed us that there are definitely other places in the home where it can be useful. Check the latest designs and styles of modern accent tables and choose your pick at LA modern furniture store. The latest designs and styles of accent tables show the innovative creativity of modern furniture manufacturers stating that furniture has gone another mile!

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