The Samera House: A Reflection of Frank Lloyd Wright Home Designs

Samera is a house carved and molded by nature with an elaborately designed entrance. This type of construction emphasized that the building is on a higher level than the entrance. As I entered the house, I felt as if the building was a separate entity from the entrance making it easier for anyone to see the upper and lower levels of the building. This feature is characteristic of the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Chinese lion sculptures found above the entrance to the door may represent the roles of the man and woman of the house. The female lion is on a higher level than the male and may suggest how the female gives much respect to her male counterpart. The form of the male lion also depicts how he protects his female lion. These pieces are interesting crafts of this house.

The designer was smart enough to conceptualize the idea of creating a masterpiece that fits the client’s budget. It is comparatively small; but it suits the owner’s personality. The main scale of the house is four feet high that includes the height of the ceiling and the pieces of furniture. The small size of the house gave a more intimate feeling around the home. The spaces may be separated by walls but each space is interconnected to one another. The horizontal shape of the building added a sense of peace and calm.

The shapes of the windows, notably on the upper level, bring in varying tones of light in the home and seem to connect the building to the sky. This is quite an interesting atmosphere in the home where one can experience the varying changes of illumination inside the home. The upper level windows are shaped like the winged-seeds which were also used as ornaments. These windows can be opened to have some fresh air inside. Tall windows were mounted to allow the residents to have a view of the outside.

The designer of this structure believes that the house grows together with its owners. As designers, we must bear in mind that the design of a home should not be a last option for the owners. Home designs must not tire the owners quickly or must have a design which they can easily re-design so that the client may have a variety of look for his home.

One important thing about this house is the use of the horizontal shape to create a peaceful aura and to lessen the height of the ceiling as well as to give a more intimate feeling in the dining room. The small space of this Samera home does not limit the homeowner to entertain a considerable number of people. It can accommodate 50 persons in the living room even if the space is limited. This is one of the surprising characteristics of this home. The Samera house is truly a reflection of Wright’s vision on having a comfortable, harmonious yet affordable home.

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