The Top 10 Budget-Friendly Tips to Recharge Your Home

t8961g-brassThere are times when we find that our homes do not give us the satisfaction or peace that we used to feel. We are starting to get tired of its looks. Getting bored with what we do or in a relationship also applies with our homes. We complain of having a small dining room, a disorganized living room, a ‘junky-looking’ bedroom, a small bathroom, a cumbersome layout, or even an outdated décor or furniture. Some may feel quite happy or at ease, but there are times that their homes feel dormant. A few of us may have the fortune of having a home that suits them well because they can afford it. Although buying a new modern furniture set or remodeling a kitchen is impossible without spending money, it is possible to recharge your home with just a few dollars.

vertigo-web-2Giving our homes a new refreshing look is feasible by looking at small items.

1514-cat3-white-web-1Clear your home of unnecessary accessories or décor. Remove everything, leaving the room blank and clean. Place them in another room so you can see it clearly and work creatively with your imagination.

0697-web-1Picture how to place your furniture. Now that you see your room empty, clean, and devoid of any noise, you might discover that your space permits various furniture arrangements. This opens up new possibilities of positioning your furniture in a different manner. If the room offers no opportunities for this change, give your modern sofa a good cleaning to freshen its look.

0874-web-1Revise your items. Check the items you have. Your room might need some revisions. There may be too many items that make the room look confusing. Or plenty of clutter that needs to be thrown or stored in their proper places. Make use of geometric wall shelves to store books and décor and for visual creativity. Put items back in their proper places.

whitley-2-webSwitch the items. Exchange the places of décor or furnishings that you want to keep in the room. Rearrange sofas, tables, table lamps or décor in the bookcase. Have different pillows or pair different ones on your modern sofa. Scatter family photos that have always been placed in one spot. Maybe place a photo between books on a modern bookshelf.

t8917-g8966-webGo around your home. Choose the accessories in the other rooms and decide which can be transferred to another room. For example, your painting in the modern dining room might be suitable in the living room or vice-versa.

VGMCGD-9148Repaint. Check photo frames. They might need a repainting. Give the frames a new stylish look by repainting an old oak frame to brown lacquer.

mb-1560-web-1Add a touch of green. Bring nature inside by placing houseplants. They do not only provide aesthetics to your home but also disinfects the air.

t8955-_-g8988-black-gun-webGive your room a meaning. A room should have a story to tell. For example, your dining room may look and feel empty. Allow your dining room to show how you are, your husband or the family as cooks or how you are as a family when you eat.

sz-1036-webMake the room interesting. Add hand-strewn vases, bamboo basket, rope-stand table lamp or a poly-resin finished mask sculpture that will add curiosity and elegance in the room.

kt905-5-snipHave a scented candle or a crystal table lamp. You can choose from the warmers or plug-ins. The scents and the flickering light adds warmth and relaxes the mind and soul.

VGEV992-GRYWho says recharging your home is difficult without money to spend. Follow the above 10 budget-friendly tips and give your home a great, new, relaxing feel!



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