The Top Reasons Why a Coffee Table is a Necessity in Every Living Room


Stylelist Home published an interesting article listing the 7 items that are disappearing slowly from our homes. One of the items mentioned is the coffee table. Can you do without a coffee table? Without a coffee table, where would you put your hot cup of coffee or tea? Or even your cold drink? If you have invited friends for a chat or to watch a movie together, where would you serve the snacks? Where would you put the remote? Or will you continue on holding on to it? Although you can put the remote on the sofa or on the floor or carpet, this is dangerous because you might sit or step on it.


Some people may say they can do without the coffee table, but I definitely think that the coffee table is still a necessity in every living room. I do agree that the big, heavy coffee tables can go. Thanks to modern furniture manufacturers for creating efficient, versatile and stylish coffee tables.


A coffee table is the focal point in every living room. It ties the room together, but it can also make or damage the look of your living space. Thus, it is essential to consider the features and uses of a coffee table and evaluate which of these you intend to use. Shopping from an online modern furniture store is the best thing to do. This gives you an idea of the various styles and sizes to arrive at a good purchase decision.


Determine the purpose of having a coffee table. Do you intend to use it as a remote control holder? Or to store magazines and other small items? Do you intend to use it as an ottoman? Do you need extra storage space in the living room? Or an extra seating? Do you need a coffee table that can serve all these purposes? Or do you only need it to tie the things together in the room?


What is the size of your living room? Is it small or big? What about the shape? Oval-shaped coffee tables are perfect for a small living room, as well as this Divani Casa EV47 Modern Bonded Leather Coffee Table.


Do you want a portable coffee table? If you want a moveable coffee table, choose a lightweight table or one with caster wheels.


If you need extra storage, then go for a coffee table that has shelves or small compartments like the Horizon – Modern Wenge Coffee Table with Pull Out Squares.


If you have kids, choose a coffee table with rounded corners. Sharp corners are dangerous for children. The Modrest YA346A Modern Wood Veneer and White Round Coffee Table is a perfect choice.


If you want a very versatile coffee table, then pick this P217C Modern Dark Oak Round Coffee Table with Electronic Chiller.


It is important to get the height of your sofa that will be adjacent to the coffee table. Do not pick a table that is higher than the sofa.


If you want the coffee table to be an accent piece, the A&X RK802-162 Bellagio Black Crocodile Oval Coffee Table with signature laser-cut crocodile textured pattern and cabriole legs would fit in excellently.


Online modern furniture stores offer plenty of choice of materials, styles, designs, sizes and shapes. You only need to determine your preference and which is more applicable for your situation.


Functionality is the focus of modern furniture and that includes modern coffee tables. Functional coffee tables enhance the utility of your living room, as well as add a splash of fun and color in the room.


Whether you prefer an attention-grabbing vibrant red coffee table


or an “S” shape coffee table


or with an ambient LED


Whatever your choice is, a coffee table will remain a great and essential piece of furniture in the interior of every living room.

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