Time to Change Your Bed to a Modern Platform Bed

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We are all familiar with beds, of course. It is that piece of furniture where we lie to get a good night‘s sleep. However, do you know that there is something revolutionary with the way beds are made today?  Let us take a look on this new bed style and implement a change in your bedroom.

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To make some changes in the bedroom, you need to start with the bed first. Bed styles have gone a long way from the traditional ones to modern, contemporary and there are also the transitional bed styles. Out of these styles, furniture designers created the platform bed design that can transform your bedroom into a new retreat.

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Platform beds are elevated on a solid platform or slats that are set close together, doing away with a box spring mattress to support the top mattress. The wooden slats or platform provides adequate and sturdy support as well as ventilation for the mattress. They are simple with clean, direct lines, solid color characteristics and neutral elements. They are perfect for heavier people because of the sturdy platform that provides a steady support, making weighty people feel secure while sleeping.

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They have a low to the ground design, which is a favored choice for those individuals who wanted to have a simple bedroom artistic theme. Platform beds are very common in Asian-inspired bedrooms that are harmonized with bedroom furniture with a low to ground design, too. This combination creates the illusion of having more space, thus the bedroom looks more airy, breathable and comfortable – a very vital characteristic for any modern bedroom.


Some modern platform beds are designed with underside drawers, providing more storage in the bedroom. This design affords you to keep the bedroom more organized, reducing clutter and make it a more convenient sanctuary. The closely set slat or solid platform prevent the dust from falling to the underside drawers, keeping your items clean.


Wood is the most common material used for building platform beds and are available in varying finishes. The modern platform beds are adopting a more contemporary style, exhibiting smoother straight lines and corners that harmonizes well. These beds are available in espresso, cappuccino or dark colors that have become a fashion in the furniture industry for the past five years.



Some platform beds are available in smooth lacquer, sporting the colors white and other neutral colors. The modern furniture design has incorporated a more interesting aspecst in modern beds, deviating from the traditional styles of the four-poster or canopied bed styles. They are also created to provide more practical and functional storage solutions.


Platform beds are also cost-effective, as they already consists of a built-in foundation unlike other beds where you need to buy one. With platform beds, you need not worry about buying a rail system, a box spring unit or a headboard that is needed if you purchase a typical bed. All three are found in a platform bed, giving you savings on your purchase. Online modern furniture stores offer different styles of platform beds that matches anyone’s budget.

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