Tips on How to Layout Your Living Room with a Media Center

The way you position your living room furniture can make or unmake the appeal of the room. Sofas, coffee table, media center and other fixtures must be placed strategically so as to open up space and allow leeway in movement. Other structures like windows and fireplace are to be considered, too. Sometimes these structures get in the way in positioning your media center or TV stand.

Including a media center or TV stand in the layout of your living room has numerous options. The layout will depend mainly on the structure and dimension of the living room. Other aspects like windows, doors and fireplace will give you a hint on how to layout your living room as well as in positioning your media center.

The presence of a large glass window or French door makes a living room elegant. This makes the room well ventilated, well lighted and warm. To make a more welcoming living room layout, have your sofas in front of the French windows or door to create an “L” shape sofa position. With this modern furniture arrangement, only half of the room is occupied. Make the other half of the room as your study or play den. Therefore, you can either have a desk or a poker table. If you intend to put a desk, include a bookshelf, a few lounging chairs and good lighting fixtures. If you will put up a den, be sure to include a bar table and some bar stools.

Placing a media center in a living room with a fireplace can be puzzling. Your two main aspects in the room are the fireplace and the media center. The wall-mounted media center is ideal in a living room with a fireplace. The other end must point to the TV while the other end to the fireplace. A poker table or writing desk can be situated at the back of the sofa. Ensure that the chairs are strategically facing the TV for a good view. Another choice is to have a big media center with a base.

Opting to have a huge sectional sofa in the living room would mean that the room is big, too. This piece of furniture usually includes 2 or 3-seater sofa, 2 chairs and sometimes a chaise. The size may pose a big problem on positioning it particularly if you are making a layout. Have a glass coffee table in the center and surround it with the sofa to make a ‘U’ shape seating arrangement. The media center can be mounted in this type of layout. You can also opt to have a ‘C’ shape arrangement, if ever.

The layout of your living room will depend on the type of media center that you want to have. Various styles and designs of entertainment centers are available from online furniture stores. Some are even multi-purpose providing you book storage and room for other media gadgets. Remember, however, that your modern sofa must face the TV. Getting a modern sofa with retractable headrests is perfect for a wall-mounted entertainment center so you can avoid neck strain. The inclusion of a rug and bean bugs can also add the homey atmosphere of your living room layout making TV watching more enjoyable and comfortable.

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