Tips on the Proper Care of Wooden Bar Stools

Materials used for modern furniture pieces still consist of wood, which is a prominent material used for conventional pieces. This does not exempt bar stools. Most traditional bar stools are made of wood. They are smart, nice-looking and adaptable but need more care and maintenance compared to bar stools made of metal. If your bar stools are made of wood, you need to implement a good maintenance procedure to retain its luster and silkiness as well as to prevent it from having cracks.

You need to give time and effort to properly take care of your wooden bar stools.

Here are some tips on how to do this task:

Do not get it exposed for a long period under the sun. If you have a patio bar set, use an opaque cover to protect them from the sun’s rays when not in use. Another alternative is to put them on a shaded spot so the wood will not dry out from the heat of the sun.

Do not get it exposed to water. Rain, moisture, fog mists, snow and water from your sprinkler will destroy your patio wooden bar stools. Store them during the cold and rainy seasons. When you water your plants, put them in an area where the water will not reach your bar stools.

Re-varnish your wooden bar stools to keep its shine. Wooden furniture that has varnish or lacquer finish will soon fade with the years. Therefore, you need to re-varnish them to keep their luster. Before starting this project, sand the furniture and reapply the new varnish. The varnish or lacquer finish actually protects the wood from absorbing moisture.

Spill and stains must be wiped instantly. As soon as liquids are spilled on your wooden stools, get a clean cloth and let it absorb the liquid instantly. Remove the stains by using a mild soap mixed with water.

Give your wooden stools regular dusting. You can use a clean fabric or a feather duster. This will keep the surface of the wood shiny. Include the legs, the support beams and crevices in your dusting.

For oil varnished bar stools, use wood oil to keep its natural moisture and to minimize its fading and cracking. As soon as you feel that the surface has gone dry and rough, then it is time to rub wood oil.

Do not put solvents near your wooden stools. This includes products such as alcohol, nail polish remover and paint remover. These products can remove the varnish and damage the wood. Any drop from these solvents must be wiped out without delay.

Wooden bar stools are durable and can withstand a certain amount of mistreatment. Maintenance must be given to these pieces the same way as you take care of your other modern furniture pieces.

Observing a proper maintenance scheme for your wooden stools and your other wooden furniture pieces will make them to last you longer. It may be that you bought good quality furniture but you cannot mainly rely on it. They still needed tender loving care from the user.

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  3. I often clean a variety of furniture in the house, including the bar stool. However, without using the correct way. Just what I think it is good. After reading your tips here, I want to practice when cleared all my wooden furniture. I consider it very important to make my furniture always clean and durable. It would make me and all the family, even guests, will feel comfortable.

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