Tips when Buying a Comfortable Modern Recliner Chair

booth-5237-m9812-3A recliner chair is just what you need after a long busy day. Think how it feels to sit on it with your back relaxed in a semi-lying down position and your feet raised up. That is exactly what each of us would love to do after a tiring day regardless of what job we have. When buying a recliner, you need to take into account the design, features, and materials in relation to your lifestyle and budget. This is why the design, style, and features of modern sofas are great because some models feature 1 or 2 recliners.

e9023_dark-brown-_s005_-webTypes of Recliner Sofas

Traditional. The Traditional Recliner Sofas or Chair offers two positions:  upright and reclined. It can either have a lever that you push or simply push the back of the chair. Traditional recliners are affordable and the most common and are available in varying options.

e9046-brownRocking. The Rocking Recliner Sofas or Chairs, also known as gliders, are a combination of the traditional and rocking chair features. Thus, it is great for mothers with a newborn baby, as well as to an elderly person.hearst-2Power. The Power Recliner Sofas or Chairs are designed for people with mobility problems. They are secured to the wall and features a button that converts it into a recliner chair.

1736_sec_01_istock_000007891712medium_chairMassage. The Massage Recliner Sofas or Chairs are very good, allowing you to relax and get a massage. They are fitted with mechanical parts that vibrate and knead your back muscles to remove the stress. However, these types are very bulky, heavy and really expensive.


The features of the modern recliner sofa are extra perks that make it more comfortable.

1860_colorcorrectedUpholstery. Recliners can either be leather or fabric upholstered. For leather upholstered modern recliner sofas, expect them to cost a few dollars but are durable and long-lasting. You can choose to have the faux or bonded leather upholstered recliner, though.

e9034-brownFabric. The most common fabric upholstery used for modern sofas are cotton, wool, polyester, and microfiber, with wool as the most durable. Alternatively, microfiber is the easiest to clean.

tilden-dimensionsAdjustable Back. The modern recliner sofa or chair are designed with the backs easier to move around, giving you enough freedom to get it into the position that is relaxing for you.

1860-blackWhen buying your modern recliner chair, always consider your available space. Recliners are usually big so they occupy a big amount of space. You can consider buying a modern sofa set that includes a recliner. Or a modern sectional sofa with a recliner.booth-5237-m9015-2The Divani Casa Booth Modern Light Grey Leather Sectional Sofa with Recliner does not only come with a recliner but also includes a chaise. Upholstered in leather, this modern sectional sofa with recliner features adjustable headrests and stainless steel feet.

984-main-webAnother great buy is the Divani Casa 984 Modern Taupe Leather Sofa Set with Electric Recliners. This modern sofa set features a button on the side of the recliner that you can easily push to convert it to a reclining position.

file_194_1Recliner sofas or chairs are great to have in any home. The idea of including a recliner in modern sofas is very innovative and practical. Some even have extra features such as adjustable headrests, a backrest that can be turned upside down for use as a table featuring cup holders.

e9020_07_dsc_1773Modern furniture is indeed great to have in any modern home because of its practicality and sensible and simple design.

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