The Top 5 Tips on Decorating a Living Room with Leather Furniture

Furniture styles have gone through several modifications. Some lingered on up to today while a few only stayed for only a year. From these furniture styles, leather continued to make its presence felt. Leather furniture provides comfort and warmth and is also easy to maintain. It gives a calming elegance and sturdiness in the living room. Decorating a living room with leather furniture is simple. You only need to let its natural tough qualities to take center stage in your living room’s décor.

To decorate your living room with leather furniture, follow these tips:

1. Make Use of the Leather Color

Aside from the color black, leather is available in various colors. Modern leather sofas come in rich brown and its different shades, bright red, white, cream, yellow, etc. The darker shades exude a masculine aura so mix it with soft colors for the walls, curtains and other furnishings. A dark colored leather modern sofa will spark interest in the room if matched with rich blue-gray throw pillows or a rug. This combination will make your living room to look luxurious and welcoming. Go for softer colors like soft greens, blues, and butter yellow and cream colors to pair with light-colored leather sofa.

2. Use Accent Colors

If your modern leather sofa has a darker shade, put some light-colored décor in the room to lighten up the atmosphere. Use patterned accentuations with the same leather color if your modern sofa has a lighter shade. Choose rugs, draperies and other furnishings in neutral shades to create equilibrium in the living room. Let your leather modern sofa be the centerpiece in your room and create harmony by adding a few elements.

3. Space the Leather Furniture Carefully

Avoid a cluttered look in your living room by spacing out leather sofas. If you have a modern sofa set or a sectional sofa, add a few pieces like accent tables or wicker arm chairs in lighter colors. Adding these pieces of furniture will allow the room to have texture and contribute to its lighter feel.

4. Create Harmony with Accessories

Replicate the texture of your modern leather sofa by adding a small piece of leather furniture. You can also put in an artwork on the wall to highlight the leather sofa or add a small and simple dining chair to have variation in form. Utilize accessories made from natural materials to boost the look of your leather modern sofa. If you want to create an “outdoorsy” and crafted appeal in your living room, use bamboo blinds, have terra-cotta pots for ornaments and make use of cotton throws.

5. Create Novelty

Experiment with colors and fabrics to create a novelty appeal. Leather is a primary material and is a perfect background for different colors. A modern leather sofa can augment the look of diaphanous curtains and gaudy fabrics. Create a more fashionable and updated look by having throw pillows in modern prints.

Decorating a living room with leather modern furniture is uncomplicated. Just let your own creative side work and use your imagination to create an interesting look that is entirely your own idea.

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