What Furniture will Match White-Colored Living Room Walls

You have a big advantage if your living room walls are painted in white. Since white is considered a neutral color, any kind of furnishings and furniture can blend well with it. Even a combination of both whites is good; although it will be better if you have some contrast for better depth. You do not want your home to look like a hospital, don’t you?

Hence, play with colors to have a bit of diversity in your living room. A mixture of hues will add to the room’s overall appearance instead of making an insipid appeal.

Here are some furniture colors which you can match with your white living room walls.

The Conventional White and Black Appeal

Exuding modern sophistication is the combination of the conventional colors white and black. It can never be outdated and is a popular choice for most homes with a white theme. Couches and sofas that are in black or a combination of white and black (strips of white over black or strips of black over white) are best options. Coffee tables can have a glass top framed in black and white trimmings. If you prefer to have a rug or carpet, choose a black or white carpet and put the coffee table on it. Have table or floor lamps in black or silver. Make use of other decorations and accessories to add more drama.

The White, Red and Black Combination

With white walls, red and black combination on your furniture and other furnishings will be a standout. Not only will it look a bit theatrical but it will also create much modernity in appeal. Sofas can be framed in black with red cushions or sofas and cushions in black and throw pillows in red. Other furniture and accessories can follow this pattern.

The secret in white-walled living room is the play of colors in your other furnishings. As I have mentioned, white is neutral. If you combine it with the same hue, there is nothing left for excitement. Bright or brilliant colors, therefore, must be employed to bring interest and flavor in the living room.

Invest on paintings, vases, baskets that are a bit strong in hue and patterns. Curtains, throw pillows and even rugs can spell the diversity in the living room. Make your white-walled living room lively with a mixture of colors via these furnishings.

Lights can also create a nice effect so choose appropriate lights that will enhance your furniture or a certain spot of the room.

The attention of your guests must be drawn away from the white walls. It should only serve as a backdrop and the furniture and the rest of your decorations and furnishings must take center stage.

It pays well if you do a bit of reading or research before finally deciding what to buy. Check out home decoration magazines, websites or even asked interior decorators (if you know of one). Online furniture stores also offer a lot of assistance when it comes to home decoration. Apart from the various furniture styles being sold, they also cater to customers’ queries and give ideas that are worth trying for.

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