What Makes a Modern Dining Room Chair Comfortable?


Regardless if the dining room is combined with the kitchen, this area is the most important part of any home. The dining room is where you eat your meals from breakfast to supper. It is where you do some office work, teach your children with their homework, (particularly if there is no room assigned for this tasks), play board games with the family or simply chat over a cup of coffee or tea. It is the room where you gather friends and family together for a fancy dinner, where you need to have more dining chairs. What do you do when this happens? Do you have enough chairs to sit your guests? Chairs are necessary whether you are having a buffet or sit-down dinner.haslet-01-dsc_9742Of course, you have dining chairs that may be enough only for the family or you may have other chairs, but are they appropriate? Are the chairs up to give comfort to the user? Dining chairs should be comfortable, but how can you gauge their comfort-ability? You have the style, design, function, and materials checked. Are these the only qualifiers for a comfortable modern dining chair? If you are planning to purchase dining chairs or buy some new ones because the current ones are already starting to break, here’s your guide to getting the best ones.itasca_f3185aa_-webThe Correct Size

An average dining table is approximately 77 cm in height, so you need a chair that is about 50 cm in height. A dining chair of this height will give your legs the adequate amount of space (30 cm) between the chair and table. But this is not the only parameter to look into, you need to consider the height of the user, too. So aim for a 45 to 55 cm seat width to make the dining chair comfortable for all sizes.mi-348-seasame-linenThe Chair Frame

The frame is another important factor. Modern dining chairs differ from the traditional ones. These have more direct, simple lines without any ornate carvings or designs. Depending on the manufacturer, you can find dining chairs that are of excellent quality while others are substandard. There are some furniture stores that offer chairs with new designs but makes sitting very uncomfortable. It is essential to have a harmonious balance between the modern design, the functionality and most importantly, the ergonomics of the chair.us101_0502_1The Alto Modern Black Fabric dining chair is an ultimate statement of these qualities – with a sturdy wing back for added support.e552y-3Don’t forget, however, to sit on the chair before making a purchase. This will give you the opportunity to test the stability of the frame like the legs, backs and arms. Try to rock it a little, rest your back completely so you can gauge accurately if it is well balanced.brandi-02-dsc_8260The Height of the Back

People have different tolerance. Some may be comfortable sitting on a chair with a low back while some prefer chairs with a tall back. The back height is necessary, especially if you have a family member or guests with back problems. Ask the preference of your family. Would they prefer a straight or slanted back, or short or tall? There is no need to buy the same chairs. It is more important that the chairs will suit everybody’s needs.mia_chair_-_dsc_9707With Arms or Armless

Adding arms on dining chairs is a matter of opinion for modern furniture designers, as most of them have eliminated this feature. This is because modern homes usually have limited spaces and dining chairs with arms seem impractical.3149--gry-webHowever, the convenience of arms on dining chairs cannot be ignored. This makes seating more comfortable particularly for long conversations, for the elderly, PWD and children. Just take a look at the Modrest Kaweah Modern grey dining chair. Its cushioned armrests offer much comfort and did not alter or ruined its style and elegance but in fact, added more charm.pacer_01_dsc_9785The Chair Material

Not because you bought a comfortable dining chair means it is comfortable with the table. Chances are it does not match with the dining table because of the material. morgan_f3175ba_-blk-1The dining chair material can vary from wood,chrome, stainless steel, wicker,…jcd-6606_blk_01_dsc_1575and leather or…eugene_02_dsc_9412…fabric upholstery or…douglas_01_dsc_9795…a combination of any of these materials. The material of your dining chair can have a big difference on the dining room appeal. The upholstered chairs, whether leather or fabric, provides style, comfort and softness and has an impact on the overall feel of the chair. The cushioning is of utmost importance because it adds extra comfort. Cushioned chairs allow you to sit longer compared to the non-cushioned ones.t-5835-4-copper-wood-webThe chair material will tell you if it is of good quality or not, so pay particular attention to this aspect.eu-klamath-01-dsc_9314The Chair Color and a Few More Details

With regards to color, choose a chair that blends with the other accessories and the color of your dining room. Moving away with the harmony of colors is allowed as long as it does not distract attention. Remember, though, to choose colors that are pleasant to the eyes for a more pleasing mood. Avoid colors that can trigger heated discussions even more.b8356-01-dsc_6810Some furniture designers add a few details on dining chairs. This may be tufts, embed crystals or buttons on tufts, pipings, trim accents on the edges or whatever. Ensure that when choosing chairs with a few details, such details won’t interfere with the comfy-ness of the chair and the overall appeal of the dining chair and the room.f3195aa-blackNow that you have the above guide when buying dining chairs, you will be able to make a better decision which chairs to choose. A comfortable dining chair will make every dinner and gathering enjoyable and pleasant! Check LA Modern Furniture Store for the various styles and designs of modern dining chairs.

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