What Makes Italian Furniture Timeless

Known for beautiful art and design, Italy has set the principles of beauty in creating fine art and architecture. These are equally shown in the magnificent furniture designs that have set the standards of furniture making in the other parts of the world.

A piece of furniture made in Italy is always regarded an extravagant and luxury piece. These pieces of furniture feature Baroque style of the ancient times to the contemporary and modern fitment that we currently see. Italian furniture is an image of quality, craftsmanship and luxuriousness that provides a touch of ?lan in any home or office. Modern Italian furniture showcases functionality, simplicity and practicality in its design and style. Its sleek structures and lines imitate the aspects of modern architecture that consists of a blaze of styles from the past to the new, contemporary open-concept home styles.

Materials used in making modern Italian furniture are easier to clean and maintain like leather and are of solid hues. These are particularly seen in modern living room furniture.

Even as Italian furniture pieces feature straightforward lines, elegance and sophistication are still clearly presented. An Italian dining room set is further enhanced with the introduction of other materials such as aluminum, steel or plastic.
Some well-known names in the Italian furniture industry are:

The Bakokko Group. Mega well-appointed furniture from Italy, Bakkoko has tables, chairs and display cabinets that are made of excellent quality solid wood and features ageless classic designs. The accents are especially handcrafted and upholsteries were made by Italian craftsmen.

The Armani Xavira Group. Another opulent brand of extraordinary furniture, Armani Xavira is known for their lacquered design that utilizes laser-etched crocodile patterns. It consists of dining tables, chairs and entertainment centers.

The Bella Italia Group. This includes furniture for your living room, dining room as well as in the office. Furniture pieces from the Bella Italia group features high gloss coating endless colors like mahogany, walnut, beige and black. Their designs are regarded as traditional Italian making them a good option to modern furniture.

The Dima Salotti Group. This is another brand of especially designed Italian made sofas that makes use of top grain leather and are reasonably priced.

The Dom Italia Group. Committed to keep the Italian tradition of furniture making, builders of the Dom Italia group creates simple designs that are well-known in other European countries like Spain, France, Germany and Russia. Their furniture pieces stands at par with other pieces of fitment.

The Alf Group. This features luxury modern furniture for the bedroom, living room, and dining room.

Italian furniture offers various selections that are timeless regardless of whether you are furnishing your new home or want to uplift its look. It will stay in the coming years because of its minimalism and boasts of excellent quality – a mark that made Italian furniture famous. The present market offers Italian furniture that suits any person’s budget.

Italian furniture combines the elements of the past and the present that greatly displays the imaginative skills of Italian craftsmen. The mixture of the old and the modern designs has created a beautiful variation that can fit a modern, contemporary, country or rustic home theme. You definitely will find Italian furniture that will harmonize with your home decorations despite its style or location.

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