What Type of Lighting Does Your Home Office Needs?

branton-web-1Lighting is an essential element not only at home but in the office, too. If you have a home office and feel that there are days you are sleepy and unproductive, check your lighting. Learn the type of modern lighting your home office needs and how to set it up to be more efficient, be healthy, and work more easily.

clifNatural Light. Let natural light in your home office. It is healthy, easier and beneficial on the eyes. It can affect the mood in the work area. Allowing natural light in your home office will improve your mood and make you productive. Your work space should not face the natural light directly, nor come in from behind you. This will make it difficult to face the computer screen.


It is, even more, important to let natural light in your home office during winter, especially if you do not go out during this season. Place your desk where the sun goes in from one side where you sit to prevent glaring on your PC or laptop screen. Have mini blinds to control the levels of brightness all through the day. Choose mini blinds that are adjustable.

congress_blk_01_dsc_7442General Lighting. This is the light mounted on the ceiling and is the brightest secondary in your home office. This should be placed in the center of the ceiling. You can add track lighting along the walls. Avoid using light bulbs that are too dim or bright because these will hurt your eyes. Do not align your PC or laptop screen with the light to prevent glare and the manner you see the screen.

modrest007Task Lighting. Use this type of lighting if you need to read from documents and other sources except your PC screen and when working in low light locations.

LSP-728SILWHT_1Place an adjustable desk lamp to have direct light where you need it. Use the lamp only when you need it. It would be great if you have a separate modern office desk for writing and reading and have a 60-watt bulb desk lamp. The illumination from this bulb is sufficiently bright allowing you to work without straining your eyes or glaring problems.

branton-web-8Accent or Indirect Lighting. This type of lighting adds to your home office décor and ambiance. You can mount two lamps if your space allows it to. Table and floor lamps are perfect for this purpose but do not depend on this type of lighting. Ensure to have the lamps throwing light directly on your desk. Do not use it as task lighting. If your home office will allow, place the lamp beside a club chair that you can use for reading.

s101_s102Evaluate the lighting situation in your home office to know the modification it needs. Modifying the lighting in your home office has plenty of benefits and will give your office a friendlier ambiance, encouraging efficiency and profits. Combined with practical and multi-purpose modern office furniture, your home office will definitely go places.


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